Why not…

8 PAX unknowingly joined YHC in the gloom for the culminating event to the burpee challenge.  The 100 a day for 30 day silliness.

Date: 2/13/20

PAX: Bartman, Chumbucket, Spicoli, Radar, Brutus, GoDaddy, Ambien, GOAT

Q: Junior Varsity

Warm Up

20 SSH

15 Burpees



-Mosey Burpees: Mosey parking lot stopping 4 time for 15 burpees each stop 60 Burpees 13:00/75

-The Police Roxanne – Al Gore and Burpee when they say Roxanne 27 Burpees 16:12/102

-ACDC Thunder Struck: Do Burpee every time you hear Thunder. 33 Burpees 21:04/135

-Chumbawamb I get knocked down. Burpee every time you hear “I get knocked down” 27 Burpees 25:42/162

-Reverse Burpee Ladder from 10-1 then 1-5 across small field. 70 Burpees    35:42/232

-Mosey to Circle

-10×10: 10 Burpees every Minute for 10 Minutes.  100 Burpees 45/332

We has just enough time to get in 28 more for 360!



Unspoken prayers for most.

Prayers for Mjni-Van and family during the wedding weekend and travels.

Guide and be with Radar.

The PAX were really pleased with the mystery Q and workout today.


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