Runners Recovery Monday

Date: 3/9/2020

Pax: Brokeback, Peaches, Swanson, Big Spur, Cowbell, Peanut, OJ, Boomer Sooner, Hairclog, Dabo(QIC)


Disclaimer- Not trained or paid, push yourself and the man next to you, don’t get hurt.

Conditions: Great, Cool, dry, slight breeze.

Warm up

SSH x 25

Through the tunnel x 15

LBAC F & B x 10 each

Windmill x 15

Mosey to the bridge – Lunge-walk across the Bridge

Mosey to the Church

11’s Dips and Derkins on the wall in front of the church

Gather at Water and Calhoun for BBSU x2 stack

2 BBSU mosey to Allen st

4 BBSU Karaoke left to Bridge St

6 BBSU Karaoke right to Green St

8 BBSU Backpedal to Lawrence

10 BBSU Mosey to Lawton

12 BBSU karaoke left to Church

14 BBSU Karaoke right and Backpedal to May River Rd.

16 BBSU Mosey back to Church

18 BBSU Backpedal to Lawton

20 BBSU mosey to Dubois Park

at the park:

11’s (Again)

Pull ups and Burpees(Crowdpleaser)


Indian Run back to virtual shovel flag – 2 minutes over(Sorry, not sorry)


Announcements: Sell signs, sponsorship.


Prayer request: Brokeback Family & Success for the Men of F3 and their fundraising efforts.

T-Claps to Peaches for posting this morning and busting through the workout after a fast 1/2 marathon yesterday on a less than perfect ankle.

T-Claps to all of those PAX that participated in the various distances yesterday at Palmetto Bluff. Everyone was crushing it.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to lead!

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