Chasing Buckeye

Toothless, Compost, Peaches, Big Spur, Squealer, Buckeye, Judge Judy

Conditions: Perfect.

Disclaimer ish.


SSH x 10, 2M, AC x 10, 4M, AC (Rev) x 10, 6M, TTT x 10, 8M, Limp Windmill x 10, 10M, SSH x 10, 12M, AC x 10, 14M, AC (Rev) x 10, 16M, TTT x 10, 18M, Limp Windmill x 10, 20M

1 Mile Mosey

Thang: Merkin Ladder 1-15 and back down on the B-Ball field. Merkins at the out field foul post.

1 Mile Mosey with a mix of Tempo, Hand Release, Derkin, Military, Wide


AH x 20, 10 TM, Flutters x 25, 10 M (slow)



  1. YHC forgot the count and namearama. No one said a word.
  2. Buckeye lapped everyone during the Thang. Impressive skill or just letting off steam.
  3. Mumblechatter was on point, counting was not.
  4. Big Spur doing TTT or windmills is amazing. Think tube man without enough air.
  5. The workout ended with a quote from Ja Rule.

JJ out.

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