Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Conditions: 60 degrees, clear skies, minimal humidity, no wind

PAX: Wet Wipes, Swanson, Adidas, Judy, Updike, Ball Cock, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher, Checkers, Cable Guy, Shocker, Chigger, Ray, Lombardi, Toothless, Sawed Off (QIC)

Disclaimer: Not a pro, push yourself and the man next to you, don’t get hurt

Warm Up

SSH x 25

TTT x 15

Mosey to half wall

Box Jump / Dips Ladder – 5, 10, 15, 20

Mosey back to pad


7 of Diamonds – Count off in groups of 4, head to respective corners. Begin with 7 reps of burpees in all four corners. Follow with rounds of 14 merkins, 21 squats, 28 LBCs. Work back down to 21, 14, and 7 with same exercises.


Ring of Fire

Forward Fold 10 count

Downward Facing Dog 10 count

Child’s Pose 10 count

Reclining Big Toe 10 count

Flutters x 30

Hammers x 15

Hello Dolly x 15

Freddie Mercury x 15

Plank rotation




CSAUP on HHI 5/23 @ 6:00am. Yacht Club/Brig has the Q. P200 monies to be distributed afterward.

Memorial Day MURPH. Location/time TBD.

Prayer Requests

Adidas’ mom Ronnie is still struggling with back problems and has some procedures pending. Needs to be lifted up.


Judy and Tiller are desperate to return to their college glory years and plan to get an apartment together on King St. in Charleston.

Burpees are still not a fan favorite, especially on the heels of yesterday’s Murder Hornet.

If you bring a Ruck Pack to a workout, it’s expected to be worn throughout, per the Judge. Offenders will be met with immediate shaming.

No new cases of COVID-19 in 29910 reported in last 13 days!

We’re going to work with Checkers on amplifying his voice. Dude’s a young stud that walks the walk; he can afford to talk the talk.

Pleasure to lead, see you at Run Day and Q-Source tomorrow!

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