Pumped Up Indian Run

Conditions: A little moisture in the air, overall great

PAX: Wet Wipes, Adidas, Big Spur, Jack Sparrow, Chigger, Harbaugh, Ball Cock, Sawed Off, Lombardi(Respect), Urkel, Yo Yo Ma, Checkers, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher(Respect), Cable Guy(VQ)

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional, push yourself and the man beside you, but do not get hurt

Warm Up: SSH x 25 IC

TTT x 15 IC

AC x 10 IC(frontwards and backwards)

The Thang: 7’s with Merkins and Bobby Hurleys

This version of the Indian Run consisted of the PAX in the back of the line calling out an exercise, running one and a half laps around the group(ending at the front of the line) while the other PAX would AMRAP the said exercise. Then the next PAX(end of line) would call out a new exercise…..rinse and repeat for 5 rounds.

Mosey back to pad

Mary: Ring of Fire, Flutters, Box Cutters, 50 LBC’s OYO, Air Humpers

Announcements: Only 2 days remain on the F3 Bluffton The Rake Shirt order

Prayer Requests: Big Spur’s dad

Mumble Chatter: “What’s that?”, “You better sprint”, “Friday night”, “Do you want a ride home?”, “Did he just make that up?”

Thanks for the push, and cooperation to Pump Up the Indian Run on my VQ!! – Cable Guy



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