The Pump Fake

  • Conditions: 72 degrees and humid
  • Pax:
    • Buckeye, Big Spur, Cowbell, Brown Trout, Peanut, Sawed Off, Gambit, Rachel Ray, Squealer, Peaches, 12 Gauge, FIB, Johnny Fever, Compost, OJ, Swanson, Diapers, Ray, QIC Stones
  • Disclaimer: Welcome to F3. My name is Stones.  Push yourself, push the guy next to you.  If you get hurt, its on you.
    • SSH X 20 IC
    • TTT X 10 IC
    • Mosey to 5 intersections and complete 5 burpees OYO.  Plank and wait for six.  End up at Lawrence street park area.
      • Several pax asking if this is what we are going to do for the next 45 minutes.  #pumpfake #creativity
    • Merkin/BBSU/Squat Ladder 1-10-1
      • Go up and then come right back down.  Help the six or plank when finished.
    • Indian run back to AO
    • 1 round of suicides
  • MARY: #creativity
    • Flutters x 20 IC
    • American Hammer x 20 IC
    • Flutters x 15 IC
    • American Hammer x 15 IC
    • BBSU x 10 OYO
    • Flutters x 10 IC
    • American Hammer x 10 IC
    • Flutters x 5 IC
    • American Hammer x 5 IC
  • COR/ NOR
  • Announcements
  • Prayer
  • Moleskin:
    • YHC loves pump faking the pax and making them think we are going to do burpees for 45 straight minutes.
    • Swanson prefers to workout alone with the fern (off camera)
    • Gambit was like a young Dennis Rodman after a trip to Vegas on the Indian runs.
    • 12 Gauge is the slowest and least competitive of the three Kathmann bros.  #middlechild
    • Good to have FIB, Johnny Fever, and Diapers with us while on vacay on HHI.
    • Big Spur obviously never types.
    • T-claps to those that got miles in before the workout.  #extracredit

Good push by all.  It was an honor to lead!


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