PAX: harbaugh!(QIC), Cable Guy (respect), Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher (respect), Adidas, Jeter, Sawed Off, Chigger, Ball Cock, Hackey Sack, Cow Bell

Conditions: 75 with no summer breeze

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional. Workout at your own risk, modify if needed, and push the man next to you

Warm Up:

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

TTT x 15 IC

Big Boys x 25 on your own

Mosey the parking lot and back to the green pasture for the Thang

The Thang: Modified 10 yard fight

Start with an exercise bear crawl 10ish yards (start a fence post skip one stop at next post) perform next exercise called out by Q with various reps

Over Head Press x 100

Squats x 90

SSH x 80

Plank Jacks x 70

LBC x 60

Flutters x 50

Big Boys x 40

Merkins x 30

V ups x 20

American Hammers x 10

PAX mosey to concession stand wall where some pretended and some relived the fun OL skill of moving the brick wall. While standing in perfect form with legs shoulder length apart, Knees bent, back straight, hands on the wall on the inside of the shoulders(so you could hold the jersey) and moving our feet rapidly pushing the wall at 30 second intervals with 30 second wall sits in between.

Mosey to the wall by art room for 30 dips 30 second wall sit, 20 dips 30 second wall sit, 10 dips 1 minute wall sit, 20 incline merkins 1 minute wall with, 10 incline merkins balls to the wall as long as possible

Mosey Back to pad


3 round of 6″ leg lifts 30 seconds each

15 flutters in cadence

15 Back scratchers IC

30 dirty dogs 15 each leg IC

15 flutter IC

3 more rounds of 6″ leg lifts 30 second each

15 Air humpers IC

Plant various postions for 3 minutes

Announcments: 2nd F tonight 6pm NOT 2:30pm @ Dispensery

COT is a time not only to bring pray request but also a time to encourage and praise HIMs along the way. Adidas said coming to workout is only one step the next step is to give it a 100% and become at least 1% better each time. Shout out to Cable Guy who always gives it his all

Prayer Request: Continued unspoken for many PAX


Not sure what all was being said about pushing the wall but I think it was all good things I’m sure

Bearcrawling at 10 yard intervals is way easier than 100 yard intervals

Swanson missed out on a Burpee free work out

As always it was an honor to lead and get better in the gloom. The Buck is the place to be on Tuesday and Thursday morning so come, get better, and bring a friend.


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