PAX: Minivan, Spaulding, Snipe, Cartboy (V), Radar (Q)

Conditions: HUMID and warm, then more HUMID

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  Legal stuff…blah, blah blah

Warmup:  Mosey, TTTx15, Calf Stretchx10

Mosey to Pull-up bars


Mosey on through the line beginning for wuhan-flu testing behind HS. All agreed to keep moving towards pull bars.

Dora (partner up, one runs 50 yds while other does exercise, Radar odd man out):

100 Pull-ups/leg-lifts/flex-arm hang(count for 1 MS), do pull-ups till exhaustion then move down to leg lifts and finally flex-arm hang if needed…Hardhat felt a disturbance in the force that he could be assisting us.

200 Merkins

300 LBCs

400 Air Presses

Mosey back towards flag, then jail-break at parking lot.

Mary – Radar with 15 Hello Dollies, Minivan with 15 Pickle Pointers, Snipe with countless flutters, Spaulding with 10 Back Scratchers.



July 4th Convergence at the Yacht Club 0700!

Spaulding had idea to have 2.0’s sell water to us during The Thang. Will they take Apple Pay or Venmo??


Safe Independence Day holiday week.

Praise for Radar’s 24th Wedding Anniversary

Healing for relationships, sicknesses and the nation.


-We could have been early in line for testing but unanimously passed right on by for the joy of improving our pull-ups.

-We all need to do more pull-ups to get better at doing pull-ups. Where is Hardhat to help assist??

-Schnitzel….”no impact, no idea” (google it)

-Impressed by Cartboy showing up on this humid morning to workout during his family vacation. Encouragement to all!

-Snipe’s jail-break at the end was impressive!

Very thankful for great relationships in my life. Am amazingly blessed to enjoy 24 years with my bride today…Praise God for keeping us together! Let us all strive to improve relationships in our lives and pursue ones that are broken. That person is probably hurting worse than you. It’s a joy to celebrate life with you brothers!

Sincerely, Radar

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