Bus loop fun part 2

PAX: Sawed Off, Buckeye, Peaches, Kiffin, Swanson, Handy Manny, Shocker, Gambit, Pig Pen, harbaugh!(QIC)

Conditions: 80 degress, HUMID, no breeze, concrete lawn mowed.

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional work out at own risk

Warm up:

IW X 20 IC

AC X 10 IC forward and back



Indian Run to Red Fish parking lot

Plank Jacks, Big Boys, Squats x 25 ea

Mosey to Bus Loop

The Thang: Indian Roundup (Cable Guy original)

PAX line up in a single file line 6 feet apart like for an Indian Run. The PAX we will call him a cowboy at the end of the line calls out exercise. Once the cowboy calls exercise remaining PAX we will call them Indians start the exercise while the cowbowy who called exercise runs a loop around the Indians back to the front of line. Once he is to the front of the line the next person who is in the back of the line becomes the cowboy calls out the next exercise and runs the loop around Indians while they perform the called exercise.

Rinse and repeat until we complete the bus loop.

Exercises included but not limited to: Plank Jacks, Burpees, Monkey Humpers x 3, Merkins, Double Merkin Burpees, Air Humpers, Flutters, Superman Plank, Dirty Dogs, Hello Dolly, Prison Burpees, 8 point body builders. Overhead presses, low plank (crowd pleaser), smurf Jacks, seal jacks, starbursts, Nolan Ryan’s, Bobby Hurley’s, other variations of burpees, mountain climbers, shoulder taps, LBC

Mosey to Basteball court for Mary

4 MOM:

Big Boys x 25 OYO

Flutters x 20IC

Back Scratchers x 20 IC

Various Plank positions for 1.5 minutes


Announcements: Sign up and show up to Saturday mornings at MOB

10 Year celebration is still a go for now. Sign up discount ends soon

Prayer requests: Unspoken


Shout out to Swanson and Shocker for returning to the Gloom after yesterdays tire flip. Hopefully Big Spur feels better.

Venturing to the MOB to Q was fun and challenge more crossover between the AO’s. I may even venture over to the Island next month.

Back to Back Q’s are just as challenging mentally as they are physically. Again Thanks for allowing me to step out and lead and as always it was an honor.

harbaugh! out

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