1/21/2020Weather: Still warm enough for BallCock to where shorts but cold enough for frostbitePAX: harbaugh! (Q), Cable Guy (respect), Coach K, Wet Wipes, BallCock, Urkel, Chubby BunnyWarmupImperial Walkers 25 ICLittle Baby Arm Circles various amounts ICLBC 15 ICTTT 10 ICThe ThangPick up presents from under Christmas Tree that no one seem to want to take … Continue reading I CAN’T FEEL MY FINGERS CHALLENGE


3 PAX for a little post Christmas block party!! Adidas, Chubby Bunny, & harbaugh! (QIC) Conditions: 55 with a slight breeze and beautiful skies Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional workout at your own risk and get better Warmup: 31 SSH 31 Baby IC 31 Imperial Walkers 1/4 mile mosey The Thang: Block Party … Continue reading 31-0