Old Town/Old A.O./Old School Dora

QIC:  Dabo/Chumucket When:  9-12/2018 Conditions: Thick Humid Air with not even a stitch of wind. Real Feel: 350F PAX: Chumbucket, Dabo, Peaches, Big Easy, Coach K, Flea, Ray, Buckeye, Ballcock, Wet Wipes, Big Spur, Bartman, Squid, Diapers, Cookies, Gambit.   With Urkel taking a last minute evac trip to the upstate, I didn't want to leave Chumbucket … Continue reading Old Town/Old A.O./Old School Dora

4th of July – Stars and Stripes

Date:  7/4/2018 - Independence Day! QIC:  Dabo PAX:  Gas Mask, Toothless, Buckeye, Gambit, Stones, Swanson, Cubby, Sparrow, Ballcock, Floride, Simpson, Dabo – QIC Conditions:   Hot and HUMID with some light showers Disclaimer: YHC is not a professional, exercise at your own risk.   Warm-up: -SSH x 25 IC -TTT (slowly and carefully) x 15 IC -Burpees x 17 OYO The THANG: PAX mosey … Continue reading 4th of July – Stars and Stripes

Memorial Day Murph @ MOB

5/28/2018 - Memorial Day 2018   PAX: Gump, 12 Gauge, Hostilo, Buckeye, Joker, Snowflake, Springer, Gambit, Ballcock, Blindside(FNG), Goose(FNG) Swinney, Dabo(Co-Q), GasMask(Co-Q)   Conditions: 85 Hot, Humid, Sweaty Disclaimer: W/O at your own Risk Gas Mask starts us off with a somber yet motivational video of the presidential address of the commendation of the congressional medal of honor bestowed post … Continue reading Memorial Day Murph @ MOB

Seeing STARS

PAX: Shingles, Big Easy, Footlong, Cookies, Postal, Diapers, Buckeye, Cubby, Chumbucket, Bartman, Stones, Animal, Ballcock, Slim Shady, Kiffin, Swanson, Dabo(QIC) Fartsackers: Judy, Peaches, 12 Gauge, Gambit, Big Perm, Squid, Urkel, Joker, Squealer, ++ Conditions: 56, overcast Disclaimer: Push yourself and man next to you but don’t get hurt. Warm Up: SSH x 30 IC TTT … Continue reading Seeing STARS

Another Saturday – I’ll do it…

Conditions: 38 degrees, Cool and Clear PAX: Big Spur, Urkel, Dwight, Ball Cock, Joker, Dabo(QIC) On Friday evening, YHC had offered some words of encouragement to The YachtClub and to JV in particular, "Stirring the pot" if you will, in an effort to make sure the Yacht Club Pax would push the rock a little extra on a Saturday, (YHC is certain that … Continue reading Another Saturday – I’ll do it…

Joint Suffering – We may not be running a marathon, but we will suffer along with those guys…

Conditions: 38 degrees, Windy, Wet(just stopped raining), No Reason to be outside PAX: Big Spur, Urkel, Dwight, Ball Cock, Dabo(QIC) YHC had planned a different workout inspired by our fellow PAX running in the Kiawah Marathon, but we needed 16 Pax to make it work, with only 5 Pax, YHC made a gametime call to switch to offer a good old-fashioned full … Continue reading Joint Suffering – We may not be running a marathon, but we will suffer along with those guys…

Long Merkin Ladder

Date: 10/25/2017 Conditions: Cool/Crisp/Clear 51 degrees - no wind - no clouds - low Humidity - Not sure if it could be any better Pax:  Swanson, Gambit, Buckeye, Hostilo, Mr Clean, Big Perm, Madoff, Scissorhands, Judge Judy, Big Easy, Squid, Peaches, Kiffin, Diapers, Chumbucket, Spaulding, Ray, Bilbo Baggins, Compost, Dabo(QIC) Warmup: SSH x 30 IC TTT x 15 IC Arm … Continue reading Long Merkin Ladder