Ladders and Bombs

08142018 Coach K, Whip, Cubby, Dabo, Ball Cock, Joker, Gas Mask, Sawed Off*, Madoff, Big Spur, Buckeye*, Compost, Peaches*, Uncle Rico, Squealer*, TP, Jack Sparrow*, Stones*, Floride, Diapers*, Judy Judy (QIC) *Ragnar PAX joining mary after either running bleachers or jumping into a nearby body of water. Cool with low humidity for middle of August. … Continue reading Ladders and Bombs


Spaulding, Roker, Hard Hat, Wet Wipes, Madoff, Big Spur, Stones, Urkel, Joker, 12 Gage, Chumbucket, Diapers, Flea, Peaches, Gambit, Big Perm, Hard Hat, Judy (QIC) Really no humidity at all and a nice cool breeze. Perfect. Disclaimer SSH x 20 TTT x 20 AC x 25 Jack Webb slowish count 11s at Calhoun Street Dock burpee/starburst Tempo Merkins x 10 (repeat) Prayer requests: Pray for a clean report for YOYO. … Continue reading 11s