You CAN go home again

DATE: 02.18.19 CONDITIONS: 64 degrees, SSW 0-5kts, humid, FULL MOON glow...romantic PAX: Bartman, Swanson, Big Spur, Gambit, Stones, Diapers, Wet Wipes, Dabo, Judge Judy, Rachel Ray, Simpson, Ray, Cowbell, Yo Yo Ma, Urkel, Kiffin, Ballcock QIC: Squid DISCLAIMER: YHC is not trained or certified, all participants are doing so at their own risk. WARM UP: Mosey to DuBois Park (just … Continue reading You CAN go home again

Holiday prep

DATE: 12.24.18 CONDITIONS: 48 degrees, clear, winds light/variable PAX: Bartman (respect), Cookies (respect), Epoxy (Raliegh), Headgear (used to be Raliegh, now he's part of the HHI PAX), Chumbucket, Hardhat, Spaulding, MiniVan, Junior Varsity, Radar, Spicolli, 'Biner (CARPEX), Shingles, Squid-QIC WARM UP: SSH x 25 Burpees x 10 help the late-comer get the sleepy out … Continue reading Holiday prep

Happy Birthday, Marine!

DATE: 10 Nov, 2018 CONDITIONS: 61 degrees, partly cloudy, WNW 5kts, mild humidity PAX: Ambien, Mini-Van, Spicoli, Bullwinkle, Narco, Spaghetti'O, Spaulding, Goose (dbl respect), Cookies (respect), Radar, Hardhat-co Q, Squid-co Q -YHC had a technology malfunction and the name of one PAX has been omitted and unable to locate in my brain housing group. -Chumbucket … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Marine!

NUC? Nah…

DATE: 9.25.2018 CONDITIONS: 74 degrees, 85% humidity and the flag was limp PAX: Sandcrab (dbl RESPECT), Snowden, Bartman (RESPECT), Shingles, Postal (Welcome back!), Cap'n Crunch (Welcome back!), Spaulding, Hardhat, Singlet, Tramp Stamp (Welcome back!), Musk, Meatgazer, NeNe, Cookies (RESPECT), Goose (dbl RESPECT), Hermano, Beltway, Stroke, Cardinal, Snookie, Brutus, Weinstein, Spicoli, Yanni, SubPrime, Tito, MiniVan, Spaghetti'O … Continue reading NUC? Nah…

BLOCK party at The Yacht Club

BLOCK party at the Yacht Club - Saturday August 11th Partly cloudy, upper 80s, high humidity and slight breeze. PAX: Veto (Respect), Brutus, Snooki, Ambien, Shingles, Hard Hat, Hermano, Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo, FNG - Squeaker, Squid, Cookies (Respect) (QIC) Disclaimer: I’m not a professional trainer, work at own risk, let’s have fun and push ourselves. Warm up: 25 side straddle hops, 25 through the tunnel, 20 windmills, 20 imperial walkers Mosey to pick up a block and circle up at the small field. Late arrival: Blockees (Burpees with blocks) until PAX joins us. THE THANG - Partner up 1. Back to back hand-off the block (50 full round; reverse direction after 25) 2. Bent over rows; 100 cumulative; partner runs the circle 3. Bench press; 150 cumulative; partner bear-crawls across the field and runs back 4. Overhead presses; 200 cumulative; partner runs the circle 5. Curls for the girls; 250 cumulative; partner runs the circle 6. Squats; 300 cumulative; partner bear-crawls the field 7. 2 sets of 50 Big Boy with feet planted in the blocks 8. Blocktanomo (type of a duck-duck-goose) PAX circle-up, hold block up in front of you, one put down block, runs the circle as pushing each PAX block down; all take a turn until all complete. 9. Return block and circle up at the flag. Prayers for Squeaker and family on their trip home, all traveling, Shingles mother-in-law, Schnitzel’s continued recovery and to be guided to service someone. Thank you, Cookies

Topside Down

7.28.18 CONDITIONS: 78, scattered clouds, light & variable, 90% humidity, full moon to fuel the crazy...perfect. PAX: Bartman (respect), Schnitzel (respect), Radar, Brownie, Stroke, Spaulding, Spaghetti'O, Chumbucket, Junior Varsity, Shingles, Willie Willie (Kotters), TwoPack (Savannah), Cube, Cookies (respect), Beltway, Ambien, Mini Van, Squid-QIC, Ne Ne (came for COT prayers) DISCLAIMER: YHC is not certified; go … Continue reading Topside Down