Town Property

70 degrees low humidity Intro/ Disclaimer/ Welcome PAX: MiniVan (Q) Brutus, Hardhat, Spaulding, Musk, Radar, Hermanos, Nae Nae and Bartman (respect) - But we really don't know how long Bartman was there... Warmup: 10 TTT (IC) Continue refusal to start with SSH / 10 IW/ 10 HB / 25yard carioca/ 25 yard carioca reverse / … Continue reading Town Property

10-14-19 The Brig

PAX: MIniVan (Q), Ambien(respect), Squid, Spaulding, Wet Wipes, Dabo, Peaches, Goose(respectx2), Schnitzel(respect), Spaghetti-o, JV, Chumbucket, Hermanos, Mandles(Atlanta) Conditions: 72 low humidity, rain. Disclaimer: Untrained, push yourself, push the guy next to you Warmup: TTT IC x 9 (supposed to be 10...)IW IC x 10 HB IC x 10 The ThangThe Q has 3 workouts to … Continue reading 10-14-19 The Brig

Marsh Point

Wednesday Oct 2nd73 and low humidityPAX: Minivan(Q) Spaulding, Radar(Back), Nae Nae, Musk, Brutus, Beater(Welcome back) Warmup:TTT x 10ICMosey 100 yardsLunge walk 20 yardsMosey 100 yardsIW x 10ICHB x 10ICThe Thang:Mosey a certain distance and do 10 GroinersMosey a certain distance and do 10 GroinersMosey a certain distance and do 10 GroinersMosey to the big field … Continue reading Marsh Point

Runnin with MiniVan

9/18/19 81 and still Humid PAX: MiniVan (Q), Brutus, Hardhat, Spaulding, NeNe Warmup: TTT X 11IW x 11HB x 11SuicidesForward run/ Back pedalCariocaLunge walk 50 yardsThe Thang:Ran about 2.8ish miles total5 stops along the waySuicides (each stop)Forward run/ BackpedalCariocaEach stop had 1 of the following:52 Squats52 Curb jumps52 Bulgarian Split squat50 yard Lunge walk52 Pickle … Continue reading Runnin with MiniVan

On the fly

PAX: MInVan(Q), Bartman(respect), Schnitzel(respect), Spaulding, Musk, Hardhat, Hermanoes Conditions: Mid-70's mid humidity, nice breeze - Something brewing down south (not Brutus either) DISCLAIMER: Not trained, not a professional - hear at your own risk, get better The Thang:WarmupTTT x 20ic (Q refuses to start any warmup with SSH)IW X 20icHillbillies x 20icSSH x 15icMosey The … Continue reading On the fly


Conditions: 73 with low humidity (at least low humidity for the Lowcountry) PAX: Tank (Q from Knoxville) Ninja Turtle (Charlotte) Nae Nae, Hardhat, Radar, Smog, MiniVan Warmup:IW x 10Cherry Pickers (TTT) x 10SSH x 10Merkins x 10The Thang:Merkin Suicides start at 1 up to 9Shoulder tap Suicides (W/ bricks)1-9Mosey to pull up bars (still need … Continue reading Tanked

Humidity Part 2?

Conditions: 72 with 56% humidity - Is it September already? PAX: MiniVan(Q), Brutus, Musk, Tank(Knoxville) WarmupTTT x 10ACF & ACB x 10AFTU & AFTD x 10SSH x 10IW x 10The Thang:2 mile loop around The Brig workout complex with 11 stops of "pain" Each "pain station" had5 Merkins10 Groiners15 Squats20 Pickle Pointers (Brig favorite)50 FluttersTotals:55 … Continue reading Humidity Part 2?