Down the Ladder Well

16 PAX came out to put in some work in the sauna we call a Lowcountry morning!  Weather report says HOT until November. QIC: Junior Varsity PAX:  Squid, Shingles, Radar, Chumbucket, Hardhat, Schnitzel, Singlet, Unfair, Musk, Tuck, NaeNae, Allie, SpaghettiO, GoDaddy, MiniVan YHC has been somewhat sidelined since the P200, drill dates and Annual Training.  … Continue reading Down the Ladder Well

A Day to Remember

DATE: 6June2019 PAX: Meatgazer, Radar, Chumbucket, Anklet, Spicoli (Respect), MiniVan, Hardhat, Guiness (Respect), Ambien, Spaulding, SpaghettiO, Squid, OShag, Ups, Bertha, Cookies (Respect), Duffel, Junior Varsity QIC: Junior Varsity 18 PAX including YHC/Q showed up in the Gloom for DDay Salute!  It was humid, surprise face, with a slight threat of rain, but it held off.  … Continue reading A Day to Remember


29JAN19 W: Cold HEADCOUNT: 20 PAX:Bartman, GoDaddy, Chumbucket, Olan, SubPrime, Cardinal, Rusty Jaquiss FNG NKA Wet Willie, Beater, Brutus, ChickenWing, Crabcake, GOAT, Meatgazer, Ambien, Goose 2xrespect, MiniVan, SpaghettiO, Hermanos, Weinstein QIC: Junior Varsity AKA JV Warm Up 10 Merkins/10 Squats/25 LBC’s 11’s Box Jumps/Dips 1 Long Lap as hard as you can (about .2 miles) … Continue reading Up/Down

Arm Yourself

09JAN19 W: Cold enough for YHC to wear a long sleeve Headcount: 21 PAX: GoDaddy, Goose, Crabcake, John FNG NKA ChickenWing, Laetner, Schnitzel, SpaghettiO, Beater, Narco, SubPrime, Bartman, Brutus, Spicoli, Weinstein, Chumbucket, Turnpike, Hardhat, MiniVan, NaeNae, Ambien QIC: Junior Varsity AKA JV Warm Up 10 Merkins/10 Squats/25 LBC’s/Mosey to get Blocks The Thang Mosey w/Blocks … Continue reading Arm Yourself