Wed Bombs

 When: 05/23/18 QIC:  Diapers The PAX: Buckeye, Hard Hat, Dabo, Spaulding, Hostilo, Stones, Stubbs, Peaches, Big Spur, 12 Guage, Swanson, Ray, Gator Bait, Stones, Dabo, Chum Bucket, Diapers (QIC) Conditions: 73 degrees with more and more humidity Disclaimer Warm-up: IC (unless otherwise stated) – SSH x50 – WM x 20 -EW x 20 – TTT x 20 - … Continue reading Wed Bombs

The old Deck of Delight

When: 11/20/17 QIC:  Diapers The PAX:  Chumbucket, Crop Duster, Dabo, Swanson, Cubby, Squid, Gator Bait Conditions: 48 Cool Disclaimer Warm-up: SSC x 30 TTT x 20 EW x 20 AC x 50 Take a lap IC (unless otherwise stated) The Thang: Deck of Delight Dabo steals Q first time suggesting moving to BBall court - no objections. … Continue reading The old Deck of Delight

Surprise Q

When: 10/16/17 QIC:  Diapers The PAX:  Swanson, Joker, Squid, Kiffin, Mr. Clean, Big Perm, Stones, Big Easy, Dabo, Erkel, Peaches, Boomer Sooner, Coach K, Compost, Diapers Conditions: 70 something and still humid Disclaimer Warm-up: Dabo started out the warm up as YHC forgot he had the pleasure of leading until Dabo reminded him as he ran up … Continue reading Surprise Q

Diaper BOMBS

 When: 08/28/17 QIC:  Diapers The PAX: Ballcock, Romo, Swanson, Madolf, Meat Gazer, Ricky Bobby, Simpson, Kiffin, Ray, Coach K, Mr. Clean, Big Perm, Chomp, Joker, Cubby, Gator Bait, Stones, Dabo, Chum Bucket, Erkel, Crop Duster Welcome Peewee (Tom Grieve), Diapers (QIC) Conditions: 73 degrees with some humidity Disclaimer Warm-up: IC (unless otherwise stated) – SSH x30 – EW … Continue reading Diaper BOMBS