Wed Bombs

 When: 05/23/18 QIC:  Diapers The PAX: Buckeye, Hard Hat, Dabo, Spaulding, Hostilo, Stones, Stubbs, Peaches, Big Spur, 12 Guage, Swanson, Ray, Gator Bait, Stones, Dabo, Chum Bucket, Diapers (QIC) Conditions: 73 degrees with more and more humidity Disclaimer Warm-up: IC (unless otherwise stated) – SSH x50 – WM x 20 -EW x 20 – TTT x 20 - … Continue reading Wed Bombs

The old Deck of Delight

When: 11/20/17 QIC:  Diapers The PAX:  Chumbucket, Crop Duster, Dabo, Swanson, Cubby, Squid, Gator Bait Conditions: 48 Cool Disclaimer Warm-up: SSC x 30 TTT x 20 EW x 20 AC x 50 Take a lap IC (unless otherwise stated) The Thang: Deck of Delight Dabo steals Q first time suggesting moving to BBall court - no objections. … Continue reading The old Deck of Delight

Surprise Q

When: 10/16/17 QIC:  Diapers The PAX:  Swanson, Joker, Squid, Kiffin, Mr. Clean, Big Perm, Stones, Big Easy, Dabo, Erkel, Peaches, Boomer Sooner, Coach K, Compost, Diapers Conditions: 70 something and still humid Disclaimer Warm-up: Dabo started out the warm up as YHC forgot he had the pleasure of leading until Dabo reminded him as he ran up … Continue reading Surprise Q