Did We Just Start with Mary?

62 degrees and quite Pleasant. 10 packs on Deck this a.m. at 5:15 Sawed-off, Ray, Madoff, Mr. Clean, Urkel, Yo-Yo Ma, Handy Manny, Chomp,FlowRide, Big Perm(head cheerleader) Warm-ups: jumping jacks, through the tunnel, windmills, little baby arm circles, Imperial walkers,   The thing: Ab work.... horizontal imperial Walker, 20 big boys, 20 flutter kicks, 6 … Continue reading Did We Just Start with Mary?

Not a P200 Workout

11 PAX  decided to leave the comfort of homes and get a little better this cooler than expected morning. What the heck does DRP stand for? When: 02/20/2018 QIC: Handy Manny PAX: Big Perm, Mr. Clean, Moped, Big Spur, Compost, Ray, Judge Judy, Urkel, Yo-Yo Ma, Michael Bolton Conditions: Clear, 60 degrees (still cold) Welcome, Intro, Disclaimer Warm Up … Continue reading Not a P200 Workout

The Big Tuna

15 pax made the tough decision to take their DRP and join me in the gloom. YHC only saw one pax (Floride) that brought a cooler.  Shame on you. Conditions: 68 degrees Pax: Judge Judy, Shingles, Peaches, Gambit, Dabo, Meat Gazer, Chumbucket, Spaulding, Swanson, Ray, Floride, Dwight, Big Spur, TP, QIC Stones Warmup SSH x … Continue reading The Big Tuna

Tuna, Tuna, Tuna!

2-20-18 PAX: Narco, Hard Hat, Spaghetti O, Shingles, Postal, Junior Varsity, Go Daddy, Squid, Nae Nae, Spicoli, Chumbucket, Spaulding (QIC) Conditions: Clear and 61 degrees....a little muggy Disclaimer: Push yourself and the man next to you but don't get hurt Warm-up: AC (both direction) x 15 IC TTT x 15 IC Tempo Squat x 15 OMC Mosey … Continue reading Tuna, Tuna, Tuna!

Seeing STARS

PAX: Shingles, Big Easy, Footlong, Cookies, Postal, Diapers, Buckeye, Cubby, Chumbucket, Bartman, Stones, Animal, Ballcock, Slim Shady, Kiffin, Swanson, Dabo(QIC) Fartsackers: Judy, Peaches, 12 Gauge, Gambit, Big Perm, Squid, Urkel, Joker, Squealer, ++ Conditions: 56, overcast Disclaimer: Push yourself and man next to you but don’t get hurt. Warm Up: SSH x 30 IC TTT … Continue reading Seeing STARS

Jail Breaking a 5K

PAX: Dabo, Diapers, Gambit, Hard Hat, Buckeye, Cubby, Judge Judy, Spaulding, Ray, Big Spur, Coach K, Big Perm, Stones, Chumbucket, Swanson, TP, Flowride, Whip, Swinney, Peaches (QIC) Fartsackers: Shingles, Squid, Urkel, Joker, Squealer, Footlong, Ballcock, 12-Gauge, Animal, Hostilo, Stubs ect, ect, ect.... Conditions: 48 Humid Disclaimer: Push yourself and man next to you but don't get hurt. … Continue reading Jail Breaking a 5K

Hard Hat for a Hard Hat

56 Degrees, Misty and Windy!   Shingles was nice enough to gift me (Hard Hat) my own yellow hard hat with an official F3 sticker....  Thank you Shingles!   PAX: Hard Hat (QIC), Nay Nay, Shingles, Go Daddy, Spalding, Meat Gazer, Spagettio O, Narco, Chum Bucket, Postal, Cookies, Ambien, Spicolli, Bart Man,   WARM UP: … Continue reading Hard Hat for a Hard Hat