The First Lowcountry Pain Stations of the Cross CSAUP

4-19-2019 PAX: Smog, Cockaboose, Hermanos, Homer, Coo Coo Ca Choo, Yo-Yo Ma, Urkel (QIC) Conditions: The flag was blowing like crazy, but the temps were great. Heavy cloud cover with the (not quite full) moon poking through. Warm Up: Mosey or Ruck for 45 minutes Ruckers got in 2.5 miles The Thang: Thanks to Walk-Off, … Continue reading The First Lowcountry Pain Stations of the Cross CSAUP

Double Virgin(ia) Q – We Won the Natty

Late Posting for Sat, Apr 13. Conditions: Delightful, 75 to 77 with 7 to 8 mph breeze PAX: Tramp Stamp, Schnitzel, Doogie (FNG), Watson (FNG), Spicoli, Spaghetti-O, Nae Nae, Meat Gazer, Spaulding, Chumbucket, Narco, Brutus, Goose, Bartman, Singlet (co-virgin QIC), Smog (co-virgin QIC) Disclaimer: Neither of us know what we are doing. Proceed with caution … Continue reading Double Virgin(ia) Q – We Won the Natty

Too Far for Blocks? No.

Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer When: April 6, 2019 QIC: Spaghetti-O The PAX: Brutus, Ambien, Cookies (respect), Smog, Spaulding, Bartman, Chumbucket, Hermanos Conditions: 62 Degrees & clear Warm Up (IC unless noted otherwise): SSH x 25 Through the Tunnel x 15 Imperial Walkers x 15 The Thang: YHC decided to test the theory that it is … Continue reading Too Far for Blocks? No.

Beachbody sweatfest

PAX: Peaches, Cockaboose, Rachel Ray, Cowbell, Buckeye, Hostilo, Gambit (QIC) 7 PAX davoided drowning last night in the Bluffton floodwaters and made it out of the fartsack for a mid week session at the MOB. There was initial concern as we circled up around the VSF this could be a sloppy wo, but YHC promised … Continue reading Beachbody sweatfest

DATE: 4.8.19 CONDITIONS: 63 degrees, still and foggy...hello humidity PAX: Cookies, Brutus, Hermanos, Smog, Spaulding, Spicoli, Squid-QIC WARM UP: -Short mosey -TTT x 10 IC -IW x 15 IC -Mosey to basketball court behind Isl Rec Ctr THANG: -Suicide w/ Sumo Squats x 5 ea visit to the baseline -Mosey to Athletic Ofc parking lot, Flutters x 25, … Continue reading