Four confusing corners

Date:  10/23/18 QIC:  Ambien Conditions:  62 moon-lit lovely degrees.  Way better than 7 days ago Pax:  Spicolli, Radar, Minivan, Hermanos, Hard Hat, Palin, Brutus, Narco, Beltway, Stroke, Shingles, Tramp Stamp, Weinstein, Beater, Chumbucket, Singlet, Yanni, Spaulding, Bartman, Squid, Spaghetti-O, Meat Gazer, NayNay. Warmup    25 SSH    1 burpee    15 TTT    2 burpees … Continue reading Four confusing corners

Remedial Bear Crawling

18OCT18 0630 QIC: Junior Varsity PAX: Chumbucket, Ambien, Spicoli, Meatgazer, SpaghettiO, Cardinal, SubPrime, Goose, Singlet, TrampStamp, Beater, Weinstein, Brutus, Jeff Kontz "Palin" , Cap'n Crunch, Stroke, Beltway, MiniVan, NaeNae The weather felt great this morning.  YHC was still reeling from his defeat in the Bear Crawl race so we put in some shoulder and arm … Continue reading Remedial Bear Crawling


08OCT18 QIC: Junior Varsity PAX:Bartman, Crunch, Spicoli, Spaghetti O, Hardhat, Yanni, Squid, Spalding, MiniVan, Schnitzel, Narco, Beltway, Stroke, SubPrime, Beater, Weinstein, TrampStamp, Singlet, Valdez, Cardinal, Chumbucket, Brutus, Ambien, Goose 10 Merkins/AMRAP Big Boy SitUps every minute for 5 minutes Mosey to the Field Buddy Drags about 10M then switch and return to SP 20 Merkins … Continue reading Flutters

And The Brig Era begins…

PAX: Crabcake, Ambien, Boy Bun (FNG), Cookies (Respect), Spaghetti-O, Musk, Big Spur, Goose (Respect x 2), Hard Hat, Stones, Bartman (Respect), Captain Crunch, Joker, Ball Cock, Squid, Swanson, Yo-Yo Ma, Urkel, Peaches, Judge Judy, Shingles, Diapers, JV, Toothless, Singlet, Hermanos, ChumBucket (QIC) Conditions:  Perfect weather to kick off The Brig Disclaimer: W/O at your own … Continue reading And The Brig Era begins…