Traveling Bombs down Calhoun hoping to stay warm.

CONDITIONS: 36 degrees, 0-5kts SW, humidity 66%, who cares its COLD PAX: Dabo, Cropduster, Stones, Urkle, Romo, Diapers, Joker, Gaterbait, Coach K, Madoff, Bartman (Respect), Cubby, Chumbucket, Swanson, Paris-QIC WARM UP: SSH x 25 Arm Circles x 15 stretched to 20 when I lost count forward, and back. THANG: -2 line Indian Run to COC … Continue reading Traveling Bombs down Calhoun hoping to stay warm.

Damn, those blocks were cold!

PAX: Narco, Spagetti O, Squid, Bartman, Cookies, Spaulding (QIC) Conditions: Cold and windy, 39 degrees but at least the rain stopped Disclaimer: Workout at your own risk, push yourself, push the man next to you. Warm Up: AC x 15 both ways IC TTT x 15 IC SSS x 30 IC Squats x 10 Lunges … Continue reading Damn, those blocks were cold!

Suicides first then the rain!

49 degrees, 0-5kts and a drizzle PAX: Hard Hat QIC, Chumbucket, Spalding, Narco,  Squid, Bartman, Meat Gazer, Shingles, Cookies, Postal (FNG) WARM UP: 20  SSH, 15 TTT, 15 AC, 15 IW Mosey around the circle THANG: Suicide:  placed six cones on the street to the Watersedge building. Groups of two ran to the furthest cone first and then … Continue reading Suicides first then the rain!

No purple for Paladin, but there is an ornament!

12-5-2017 Back on Labor Day Weekend Wofford and Furman met in the South's Oldest Football Rivalry. Paladin and I had a friendly wager that the person whose team lost would have to wear the winning school's t-shirt and take the Q at the following workout at #theBuck. Enter the playoffs at the end of the … Continue reading No purple for Paladin, but there is an ornament!

GREAT start to a new year!

CONDITIONS: 65 degrees, 0-5kts SW, high humidity, scent of CELEBRATION was on the breeze PAX: Cubbie, Chumbucket, Bartman, Gatorbait, Hostello, Black Lung, Dabo, Stones, Joker, Urkel, Paladin, Dwight, Handy Manny, Diapers, Squid-QIC WARM UP: Mosey to the end of the street, beside Red Fish THANG: -Jailbreak from corner to Nickle Pumpers: circle up for 48 … Continue reading GREAT start to a new year!

F3: Its a Flipping Good Time

QIC > Mr. Roboto PAX Accounted for > Conroy, Sunshine, FNG "Goofy", Putin, Cardiac, GrapeJuice, Crack, BigEasy. Conditions @ F3Beaufort Ao = Clear sky, no wind, 57 degrees Disclaimer Warm-up:  Mosey around the Marina SSH x 20 IW x 20 AC x 10 both ways Shoulder stretches both arms TIRE thang Q retrieves tires from … Continue reading F3: Its a Flipping Good Time