Legs, day 2. Will there be a day 3???

PAX: Beater, Chumbucket, Cousin Eddie (Respect), EPO (Respect), Epstein, Hermanos, Klinger, Mini-Van, Moosejaw, NeNe, Singlet, Sir Mix-a-lot, Smog, Spaghettios, Weinstein, Bartman (QIC) Conditions: 76, no breeze, typical lowcountry summer morning Warm-up: SSH x 27 IC Tempo Squats x 27 Mosey around Belks and Kroger to the parking garage Air Presses x 27 IC The Thang: … Continue reading Legs, day 2. Will there be a day 3???

Show up, get better, go home!

06.26.19 @ The Brig PAX:  Hard Hat, Radar, Schnitzel, Minivan, Brutus, Hermanos, Epstein(visitor), Horshack(visitor), Spaulding-QIC Conditions:  78 degrees, still and a lot of humidity Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper and stronger today. Warmup: SSH x 20 IC Air Circles … Continue reading Show up, get better, go home!

Back in the saddle

PAX: Beater, Brutus, Chumbucket, Cousin Eddie (Respect), Epstein, Hermanos, Horschack, Klinger (FNG), Mini-van, Moosejaw, Musk, NeNe, Radar, Schnitzel (Respect), Shingles, Simba, Singlet, Spaghettios, Spaulding, Weinstein, Bartman (QIC) Conditions: 80 degrees, 75% humidity, light breeze, perfect Warmup: SSH x 25 IC LBC x 25 OYO Imperial Walkers x 25 IC The Thang: Form 2 lines for … Continue reading Back in the saddle

Six Locals – Six Visitors

PAX: Epstein (Kernersville), Spaulding, Doubtfire (Knoxville), Sir Mix-A-Lot (Wilmington), EPO (Wilmington - RESPECT), Simba (Wilmington), Horseshack (Roanoke), Schnitzel (RESPECT), Brutus, Mini Van, Hard Hat, Smog (QIC) - LOCATIONS MAY BE WRONG. I tried. Conditions: Glorious. 77 F and Humid. My car was sweating. Warmup: 25 SSH IC 20 Imperial Walkers IC 10 Reverse Lunges IC … Continue reading Six Locals – Six Visitors

Is that a Cat with its head in bag?

PAX: Boomer Sooner, Ballcock, Dabo, Joker, Diapers, Big Spur, Romo, Jack Sparrow, Cowbell, Peaches (QIC) Conditions: Humidity 113% and overcast leading into heavy thunderstorm. Warmup: SSH x 25 IC AC x 15 IC both ways TTT x 13 IC IW x 13 IC Mosey to Dubois Park-5 Pull ups Mosey to Calhoun/46 for 25 Merkins … Continue reading Is that a Cat with its head in bag?

What did he say?

11 PAX : Ball Cock, Diapers, Jack Sparrow, Madoff, Joker, Harbaugh, Boomer Sooner, Handy Manny, Coach K, Mountaineer, Wet Wipes (Q) Disclaimer I am not a trained professional. Work out at your own risk. Push the guy next to you and push yourself. Conditions : upper 70's humid no rain and a great breeze Warmup … Continue reading What did he say?

Run For a Reason

Date: 6/19/19 QIC:  Stones PAX:  Ballcock, Minivan, Bartman, Meatgazer, Walk-off, Gold Digger, Judge Judy, Chumbucket, Nae Nae, Romo, Handy Manny, Static, Gambit, Buckeye, Harvey Updike, Gator Bait, Simpson, Boomer Sooner, Wet Wipes, Nanacy Drew, Musk, Radar, Gump, Sawed Off, Hermanos, Big Spur, Squealer, Peaches, Cockaboose, Compost, Sqaulding, Flat Tire, Swanson, Roker, Dwight, Cowbell, Buckner, Hardhat, Shingles, Hair Clog, … Continue reading Run For a Reason

Marina BOMBS Squad

Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer When: June 18, 2019 QIC: Spaghetti-O The PAX: Spaulding, Nae Nae, Singlet, Hard Hat, Weinstein, Tramp Stamp, Cardinal, Minivan, Hermanos, Musk, Spicoli, Singlet, Cousin Eddie, Wiffle (Cleveland, OH) Conditions: 79-80 Degrees & humid Warm Up (IC unless noted otherwise): SSH x 25 Through the Tunnel x 15 Imperial Walkers x 15 … Continue reading Marina BOMBS Squad

11 for 11s

Date: 6/17/19 QIC:  No one. With fair warning prior, Sawed Off takes it. PAX:  Shocker, Ball Cock, Harbaugh, Joker, Diapers, Coach K, Wet Wipes, Handy Manny, Jack Sparrow, Boomer Sooner, Sawed Off (QIC) Conditions:  Uncomfortable, save for a brief breeze about midway through. Disclaimer: YHC is not a professional, push yourself, push the man next to you, don't cheat the reps, … Continue reading 11 for 11s

“The Chain” by Fleetwood….

Date: June 13 Where: The Yacht Club QIC: Fleetwood # of Pax: 14 # of FNGs: 0 Names of Pax: Godfather (Respect, Respect; Marietta, GA), Hard Hat, Spaghetti-O, Chum Bucket, Musk, Nae Nae, Spaulding, Minivan, Bartman (Respect), Brown Shorts (Taylors, SC), Singlet, Waffle House (Knoxville, TN), Schnitzel, Fleetwood (Respect; Canton, GA) Conditions: Humid but cool … Continue reading “The Chain” by Fleetwood….