Spring Break 2018 Kick off

Pax:  Swanson, Big Spur, Chumbucket, Urkel, Cubby, TP, Peaches (QIC) Conditions: 55 light Shower Disclaim: Push yourself, the man next to you, don't get hurt Warm Up: SSHx 30 IC TTT x 20 IC AC x 15 IC (Both Ways) Wind Mills x 15 IC Lets Mosey to the Bridge, Duck Walk across, Mosey to … Continue reading Spring Break 2018 Kick off

Abe Vigoda’s spirit present at Beaufort AO

AO:  Beaufort City Marina Time: 0700 Weather: lovely. 55 degrees, Wind NE 10mph QIC: Big Easy PAX on Deck: Baby Shoes, EEEE, Conroy, Crack, Mr. Roboto YHC arrives with flag 3 minutes to go. Barely made it through the night with some kind of weird virus. I explain that perseverance is the key. Don't wait to … Continue reading Abe Vigoda’s spirit present at Beaufort AO

PI Day Q

PAX:  Hard Hat, Stones, Swanson, Spaulding, Chumbucket, Compost, Dabo, TP, Ballcock, Big Spur, Animal, Judy, Harvey, Peaches (QIC) Conditions: 48 and Calm Disclaimer: Push yourself, Push the man next to you, (Dabo arrives late with Flag) Warm Up: SSH x 25 IC TTT x 15 IC AC x 15 IC (Both ways) IPW x 15 … Continue reading PI Day Q

Jail Breaking a 5K

PAX: Dabo, Diapers, Gambit, Hard Hat, Buckeye, Cubby, Judge Judy, Spaulding, Ray, Big Spur, Coach K, Big Perm, Stones, Chumbucket, Swanson, TP, Flowride, Whip, Swinney, Peaches (QIC) Fartsackers: Shingles, Squid, Urkel, Joker, Squealer, Footlong, Ballcock, 12-Gauge, Animal, Hostilo, Stubs ect, ect, ect.... Conditions: 48 Humid Disclaimer: Push yourself and man next to you but don't get hurt. … Continue reading Jail Breaking a 5K

Run from a bear downhill.

Monday 2/5/18 Conditions - 49 degrees - mild - general attitude among PAX post superbowl was lethargic but eager. Lethargically eager... Letheager... Pax posting - EEEEEEE, Baby Shoes, Sunshine, Mr. Roboto, and Conroy QIC Quote of the morning: Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home … Continue reading Run from a bear downhill.

Post Delta Flight Workout

Location: The Anchor - @ the lovely downtown Beaufort City Marina Conditions: Clear, Windy and 55 degrees QIC: BigEasy PAX: Putin, Crack, Otter(Respect), Grape juice, EEEEE, Mr. Roboto, Cardiac(Respect). YHC coming in hot @ 0530. I felt like I had been shot out of a gun due to being trapped in Atlanta for 6 hours … Continue reading Post Delta Flight Workout

Modified Murph

YHC has been running more lately vs. upper body, so what better way to change that than offer a Reverse Judge Judy Q. PAX: Animal, Gambit, Ray, Chumbucket, Bartman (Respect), Stones, Swanson, Judge Judy, Ballcock, Flowride, Peaches (QIC) Conditions: 44 Degrees, no wind Disclaimer: Work at your own risk...... Warm Up: TTT x 15 IC AC … Continue reading Modified Murph

Hindenburg Blimp Tour

PAX:  Dabo, Handy Manny, Joker, Ballcock, Big Spur, Coach K, Ray, Peaches (QIC) Conditions: 51, Slight Breeze, just about perfect Disclaimer: YHC is no professional, no trainer, work out at you own risk but push yourself. Warm Up: SSH x 25 IC TTT x 15 IC IW x 15 IC AC x 15 IC (both … Continue reading Hindenburg Blimp Tour