The Buck meets the Dab!

6/14/2018 Conditions: 75 degrees with some humidity thrown in PAX: Handy Manny, Coach K, Ballcock, Big Spur, Blindside, Gas Mask, Big Perm, Urkel (QIC) Welcome Disclaimer Warm Up: SSH IC x 20 TTT IC x 15 Mosey to the track The Thang: PAX Circle Up at the edge of the track 10 Burpees in 1 … Continue reading The Buck meets the Dab!

Round Robin

PAX: Urkel, Chumbucket, 12 Guage, Buckeye, Big Spur, Big Perm, Bob Ross, Madoff, Handy Manny, Buckner, Sea World, Hard Hat, Josh Mathews (FNG) "Silver-a-doo", Gambit (QIC)   14 w/ 1 FNG made their way to the fire ant covered field of weeds we so happily  call our AO. As the evening turned to night yesterday, no … Continue reading Round Robin

2TI overnight and Bull Point convergence June 22 & 23

As announced at the Cologny convergence, The Anchor is hosting an overnight at 2TI fish camp on Friday night, June 22. We will cook dinner for  all that want to come out and enjoy some fellowship at this unique camp on Club Bridge Creek/Trenchards Inlet. We will also pick up Happy Campers from Station Creek … Continue reading 2TI overnight and Bull Point convergence June 22 & 23

Whip it.

The Pax (whip q) Judy, Coach K, Snowflake, Joker, Ray, Queenie (FNG), Flatline (FNG) Conditions 98 degrees give or take.... Instruction and I'm not a pro...don't sue. Warm Up:  SSH x 20 TTT x 20 Arm Circles x 18 front and back. Mosey to Parking LOT for one stroll.   The Thang... Amrap with Partner … Continue reading Whip it.

Spartan Sprint!

The PAX Flea (Q), Hostillo, Gambit, Compost, Guinness, Spaulding, Ridge Crest, Ballcock, Sawed Off, Cap’n Crunch, Coach K, Cubby, Dwight, JV, Ray, Armano, Hard Hat, Judge Judy, Toothless, Gump, Squid, Chum Bucket, Stones, Dabo, 12 Gauge, Peaches, Big Spur, Walk-off, Yo Yo Ma, Urkel, Fish Wrap, Hopper, Swanson, Diapers, Buckeye (MARY Q), Gold Digger (FNG), … Continue reading Spartan Sprint!

How’d those blocks get here?

June 2, 2018 PAX:  Bartman, Squid, MiniVan, Cookies, Cardinal, Brutus, Willie Willy, Hermano, Goo goo g'joob (2.0 FNG), Capt. Crunch, Jitterbug (2.0 FNG), Dark Helmet (Fort Mill, SC), Spaulding (QIC) Conditions:  75 with 90% Humidity Disclaimer: W/O at your own Risk, push yourself and the guy next to you Warmup: SSH x 25 IC TTT x … Continue reading How’d those blocks get here?

Humid DORA

PAX: Swanson, Hard Hat, Chumbucket, Gambit, Buckeye, Big Easy (Respect), Compost, Spaulding, Big Spur, Big Berm, Dabo, Ballcock, Stones, Uncle Rico, TP, Flowride, Springer, Peaches (QIC) Conditions: 77 with 90% Humidity Disclaimer: W/O at your own Risk Warmup: Tempo Merkins x 15 IC Arm Circles x 20 IC (both ways) TTT x 15 IC Imperial … Continue reading Humid DORA

Memorial Day Convergence

Lowcountry Convergence 5.26.18 0630 PAX: Gambit, Buckeye, Snowcone, Bartman, Chumbucket, Hermano, Stones, Judge Judy, Diapers, Harvey Updike, Spalding, Spaghetti O, Ballcock, Meatgazer, BigEasy, FloRide, Zima, John Hall, ThroatCancer, Ambien, Hardhat, Radar, Willie Willie, Squid, Dabo, Swanson, Pesci, Shingles, Eeee, GoTri, Trifecta, Caprera, HiLiter, Gas Mark, Sweeney, Conroy, Jack Sparrow, Peaches, WhipporWill, PaulaDean, Toothless, MiniVan, Spicoli, … Continue reading Memorial Day Convergence