“Jack Welch”

01.14.19 @ The Brig PAX: Hard Hat, Squid, Musk, Snipe, Schnitzel, Brownie, Ambien, Mini Van, Shingles, Cookies, Spicoli, Radar, Spaulding (QIC) Conditions:  Mid 40's with just a little wind...perfect! Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper and stronger today. Warmup: SSH … Continue reading “Jack Welch”

Marsh Merlot?

Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer When: January 5, 2019 QIC: Spaghetti-O The PAX: Squid, Bartman (Respect), Radar, Schnitzel (Respect), Chumbucket, Spaulding, Cookies (Respect), Narco, Hermanos, Minivan, Nae Nae, Ambien, Meatgazer, Goose (Respect, Respect), Snookie, Shingles, Brutus, Big Al, Ben Howard-FNG-Spaghetti-Bro Conditions: 55 Degrees Warm Up (IC unless noted otherwise): SSH x 43 Through the Tunnel x … Continue reading Marsh Merlot?

Your Success Starts Here

Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer When: August 16, 2018 QIC: Spaghetti-O The PAX: Radar, Schnitzel, Snookie, Beltway, Hard Hat, Chumbucket, Nae Nae, Spaulding, Meat Gazer, Squid, Cookies (Respect), Crab Cake, Weinstein, Cardinal,  Veto (Respect), Brutus, Snipe, Brownie, Stroke, Spicolli and a special acknowledgement to our visitors, Crew, Uncle Leo, River Rat, Short Stop. Conditions: Near perfect … Continue reading Your Success Starts Here

Some Saturday Circuit Training

7/7/18 PAX: Squid, Spaulding, Ambien, Goose (Respect), Spiccoli, Minivan, Crab Cake, Hardhat, Chumbucket, Coo Coo Cachoo, Juilliard (FNG), Hermano, Cookies (Respect), Cube, Shingles, Lamont (Respect), Schnitzel, Bartman-QIC CONDITIONS:  78, light breeze, humid...normal summer morning at the Yacht Club. DISCLAIMER:  Not a trained professional. W/O at your own risk, push yourself, push the guy next to … Continue reading Some Saturday Circuit Training